So, you need a new website?

I needed a new website once.

After hours of searching I decided that the only way to get the website I wanted was to build it myself.

I spent years learning how to build a website that will bring in regular new customer enquiries.

Then I studied how to propel that website to the top of the Search Engine rankings.

Today my Wedding Photography business has a website that attracts over 30 unique new visitors every day from non-paid ‘organic’ Google searches.

You will find me high on page one when you search for ‘Wedding Photographer in Sheffield’ on Google.

Let me do the same for your business.

I’m just a guy who knows how to build websites

Like I said up top – no bullshit.

I’m not a graphic designer, nor am I a web-developer.

I’m just a guy who knows how to build websites that work well.

Your new website can be up and running in just a matter of weeks.

What’s more, I will make sure you know exactly how to use it so that you can make updates and keep it up to date yourself, whenever you like.

Plus I’ll make sure all this is setup and working before I leave it with you:

  • Security, Backup & Anti-spam protection
  • Built-in Analytics so you can keep track of your site’s visitors
  • Domain registration and email address configuration
  • Contact Form integration

I’ll also provide you with a step-by-step guide to writing content that ranks well on Google.

Did I mention I am a photographer?

Yeah, well, I am.

How many other website developers can also get include killer head-shots of you and your team for your brand new website?

I don’t actually know the answer to that question.  My point is that I can.

What I won’t do for you

I won’t guarantee that you’ll hit page one the following week.

Building a strong reputation with Google takes time.

It took me 8 months to get my site up to page 4.

Page one took 18 months.

I also won’t write your content for you, that should come from the heart.

Your heart, not mine.